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Ed Bennetts here, and I would like to introduce you to my outdoor recreation and wilderness online store. I had this idea about creating a website to help people find what they're looking for in outdoor wilderness recreational supplies and equipment. It had to be different from all the other websites out there and certainly not like the big players. It also needed to have useful content to help educate the buyer and not only present quality products at affordable prices, but would enhance the overall shopping experience. In whatever area of interest one might be engaged in this site provides explanations and recommendations on other places to visit for more information if needed. 

I have a passion for the outdoors and everything that goes along with it when it comes to exploring and spending time in the great expanses of wilderness upon this green earth. It was instilled in me growing up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (Marquette, MI)...Michigan being for the outdoors person; a grand paradise being covered in forests and surrounded by Great Lakes. I wanted the website visiter's experience also to be fun, enjoyable, educational, and not complicated at all. With this in mind, the website is designed so you can easily navigate through the categories and sub-categories and click on particular items to get their descriptions in more detail. A lot of thought went into this website and I'm quite proud of the results..I sincerely hope that it meets or exceeds your expectations. 

WildernessVenture and WildernessVenture.com, are subsidiaries of EJB Creative Solutions LLC, founded in 2016. Find awesome deals and offers on camping & hiking equipment, hunting accessories, kayaking, mountain biking, and all your snowshoeing needs. Gear up with the latest technology with all our products. Visit WildernessVenture.com today!

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